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Related post: The Red Leather CorsetPart 1I have experiences with two she-males. One I was introduced to and one I created. I am writing this tale of my experiences with using a strap on dildo and these she-males, because it needs to be told. First let me tell you a little about myself and how I was introduced to "HERMAN".It all started during the early seventies, when I was a junior in high school. I was a preteens hegre free 17 year old female and still a virgin, which preteen russain lollitas was index preteen boys a surprise since the love generation was still around. The schools hadn't been as keen on sex education as they are now, so we had to attend the famous Personal Hygiene 101. Like most schools, the boys were taught danish preteen pics by the boy's gym coach while we were taught by the girl's gym coach. It was she who brought me into the world of Lesbos. I know what you're thinking, typical bull dyke woman.Wrong!Miss Stevens was small, very athletic, an ex-gymnast. When she wore her leotard daddy preteen and had her hair in those goofy doggie ears, she looked like she was only 15 or 16. Well, as I said she gave the "Sex Class" but, since almost all of the girls knew as much as she did, and some even more, it was really a joke. Personal Hygiene became a class most people cut. But not me. I knew I was different. I liked girls, and wanted to know why. So I kept asking her questions about Lesbians, which she tried to ignore. I wanted to know how two women could have pleasure with out a penis. I was under the idea that a cock was needed to have pleasure. At least that's what my girlfriends kept telling me. Finally in exasperation, she asked me to come back after school and she would explain it to me.When I came back, Miss Stevens was waiting, wearing her baggy sweats. We talked for awhile, and I told her of my confusion. I told her I didn't have any feelings for the boys but only for girls. She asked if I had ever done anything with a girl. I hadn't really, except for the usual, you show me yours and I'll show you mine, with my younger sister. And this ended with some kissing and some mutual fingering but, that was all.Miss Stevens then asked me if I really wanted to try black preteens photos sex with a woman. When I said yes, she pulled me into her arms and began kissing me, her tongue darting inside my mouth. Her finger quickly divested me 12 preteen porn of my dress and undies. She began kissing my body all over. I pulled her top off and began squeezing her small breasts. She pushed me onto her desk and started kissing me between my thighs, higher and higher, until she reached my pubis. When she started kissing me there my mind was crazy with excitement and when her tongue touched my clit, I almost jumped off the table. It was the most amazing, wonderful sensation I had ever felt. The more she licked the wilder I got. I pulled her face deep against me until she had to force her head out of preteen gallers my hands in order to breath. In no time I was completely gaga. It was then that fucking preteen sex she answered my penis question.She stood up and turned her back to me. She removed her sweat bottoms, and I could see she was anal preteen party wearing some sort of belt which she was tightening.When she turned back to me, she had a large plastic thing sticking out from her crotch. It looked like a man's organ. About two preteens free tgp inches around and seven in length. She told me that since women didn't have cocks, they had to buy one. Bending me over the desk, she proceeded to insert the plastic cock into my vagina.I was still a virgin at the time, but not for long. Miss Stevens shoved her hips forward and my hymen was gone. The pain was not like I had been told it would be, and soon we were really going at it. All of a sudden, I felt my body shake as my first ever orgasm crashed over me. I think I even swooned for awhile.After that, Gym class was my favorite. I even became a coach's aid so I could stay after school, for additional credits. Even- tually I returned the favor to Miss Stevens by strapping on "Herman" as we lovingly called it, and boffed her with him. Now I knew where males got their attitudes of power. Being in command was a fantastic feeling. We had some great sessions, until Miss Stevens was transferred to another school because of a teacher shortage. I was heart broken that my lover was gone, but she did give me "Herman" as a gift. Whenever I use a strap on I think of Miss Stevens who initiated me.I don't use "Herman" anymore because the ones they have out now are much more realistic. They even shoot liquids. But I'll always remember him as the one who took my cherry.But enough of my life, let me talk of my She-Males.The first episode took place in the early eighties in San Francisco.Well, I had finished college and was spending some time in Frisco with my old college roomie. No, she wasn't gay but preteen skye models loved an occasional romp with me and "Herman". We were staying in a little apartment near Sausilito. She and some of her friends had decided to play a trick on me. They took me to a club in Frisco called Finnochio's. Now to those who are not familiar with it, the club was and I assume it's still there, is for female impersonators. As preteen sexy fashions soon as I walked in I knew what kind of club it was. You don't move childsex preteens gallery in the gay circle without running into drag queens. But these guys were really good. They would have been difficult to tell in the real world but since they were here I could spot certain male give always.But there was one, sitting at the bar, that defied discovery and I was certain she was a real woman. I sat next to her and struck up a conversation. She told me her name was Heather and that she loved coming here preteen underage young as she had a thing for she-males. Then she point blank asked me if I was one. I told her no, but I had something in my purse that was even better. I opened it and showed her "Herman's" preteen ebony models successor.She just smiled and said softly. "Why Not. I'll try anything once." darling preteen model I told my friends, I was leaving with Heather, much to their joy. I found out later they knew about Heather.We weren't in her apartment erotic pictures preteens very long, before we were in each others arms, kissing each other deeply, clawing one another's breasts. Then, while I sat on the bed removing my blouse and skirt, Heather did a slow strip tease illegal cumshot preteen for me.She wore exquisite lingerie. But when she removed the black panties, my jaw dropped. She revealed a cock. Now I have seen drag queens naked and usually they are very poorly endowed. But Heather was hung. She stroked it until it stood little candid preteens out straight for me. I had no experience with the male organ so I just opened my mouth and let Heather do the rest. Soon my mouth was full of maleness, and to tell the truth it was exciting. Then she pushed me back on the bed. Soon, and I might add for the first time, my cunt was full of male sex. Heather was no stranger to women and soon had me over the edge. After we cooled down I got "Herman the 4th out of my purse and strapped him on. I greased him up and proceeded to stuff him deep in Heather's feminine rear. This was another first. Anal sex with a man, but it was difficult to think of this big titted creature as a preteen bikini picture man.Heather and I became an item during my stay in Frisco but, eventually I had to return to the east coast. But while I was there, we had some wild trysts in some unusual places. We did it in ladies rooms, changing rooms in department stores and even once in a stopped elevator. That's the good thing about wearing dresses. All you preteen nonude lists have to do is lift them up and your ready to go. And if something interrupts you just drop them and everything is hidden. Changing rooms are the easiest, nobody thinks to much art webring preteen about two women in a changing room although there is a risk of surveillance cameras looking for shoplifters. But we never got caught. Ladies rooms are more risky in that four high heeled shoes in a stall would draw attention.Even though I am a Lesbian, I have never had any trouble with my femininity. I never wanted or needed to look manly. I never searched for the manly type woman as a partner either. I preferred the feminine woman. I wasn't a tomboy, and I never had a penis envy. At least I didn't until I met Heather. After having sex with her it opened a new light on the funlumpkinsed asian preteens male organ. There was quite a difference between the sensation received from warm living tissue as apposed to cold rubber. That and the fact that a strap on, was just that. You had to strap it on, while with Heather all it usually took was some fondling and she was ready to go. I never could think of Heather in the male sense. She was just to feminine. But she knew how to use her male member at least at first.After she got into serious hormone dosage her drive and ability went bye- bye. But up till then we had some wild to-do's.The elevator incident took place in Wash. DC at Garfinkle's, a store for the expensive taste. Heather and I had been shopping through the lingerie section. preteen pics n Trying on sexy things always aroused her. We tried having blue preteen nudes a go in the dressing room but it was to busy. Heather has never been looked at questioningly about her gender. I think I would arouse their suspicions quicker, and I'm no slouch in the female department. Anyway we got on the elevator and had just stared moving, when it suddenly stopped. The phone rang and a voice said the power was off temporarily and we would be moving in about 15 minutes.We just looked at each other and grinned lecherishly. I dropped to my knees and lifted her dress and sucked her into my mouth. When she was nice and hard, I stood up and bent over. She pulled my panties aside and drove it home. We were just about finished when the elevator started and the doors opened almost immediately. We both stood upright and our dresses dropped quickly covering our indiscretions.We were almost out of range, when I heard a child's voice say." Mommy, Why did that woman have a lump in the front of her dress?"We almost died with laughter as we walked arm in arm from the lil virgins preteen store. That was probably the most unusual place we did it, but not the only one.Heather, told me her life story which in itself was a wild thing. Heather or rather Harry had been born into a poor dirt farming family in southern Missouri. His three older stepbrothers and stepfather were all cruel sadistic males. His mother was small, dainty and very much dominated. She was nothing but a receptacle for his stepfathers lust and on occasion his punching bag. Harry was very afraid of his stepfather and stepbrothers. Their life was one in which a male child at the age of 12 was determined old enough to work in the fields. But Harry was never physically strong enough to work, so in disgust, they made him help his mother around the house. He was made preteen girls xxs to feed the chickens and do the laundry. His stepbrothers couldn't stand his whimpy girlish ways and were constantly whipping on him.One day, Harry was sent by his mother to bring in the wash, because it was about to rain. Harry quickly took down the clothes which for the most part were his mothers. As he finished the rains came and Harry realizing he was closer to the barn than the house, so he took refuge there. It was a bad mistake. His step-brothers having finished in the fields had gone to the barn to get drunk. When Harry dashed into the barn with his basket of woman's clothes, he became their target."Well well. "said one. "If it's not Harry the fairy. I see you've brought your pretty clothes with little preteens jpg you. Why don't you put them on for us so we can see just what kind of a girl you'ld make."When Harry refused, a few quick punches changed his mind and he began dressing in his mothers clothes. He put on her panties and bra which hung loosely around his chest. He stuffed the bra with other clothes at his stepbrothers insistence. Then he donned his mother's slip and finally her dress. They wrapped a scarf around his head to hide his short hair. They then forced him to dance around for them. Finally the whisky took control, and their lust became obvious. They forced Harry to his knees. They began hitting him until he agreed to suck them off. Then, they each in turn, raped him. bikini preteen nonnude When he finally managed to get free, he ran into the house and told his stepfather, who looking at his dress refused to listen. Especially after his stepbrothers story was that he came into the barn wearing mothers clothes and had begged then to have their way with him. His mother knew he was telling the truth but couldn't do anything about it.About three months later, Harry had come home from school and walked into the kitchen where his mother was baking. He loved the smell and begged her to let him help. Since there was flour all over, his mother had him slip into one of her old dresses to keep him clean. It was another mistake as his stepfather suddenly came in from the fields and caught him in the dress. His stepfather went crazy and began beating him terribly. His mother tried to stop him and got whacked good herself. His stepfather decided then that since he preferred wearing girls clothes than by god preteens black sexy he was going to be one. He ordered his mother to throw away all of Harry's male clothes and then alter some of her clothes to fit him. Harry was no longer allowed to be a boy. He was to become a girl. And so it was. Harry was called Mary and began living as a girl. His hair grew long and worn in a girlish style. He was no longer a member of the family. orgasm preteens Harry was gone as far as they were concerned.Mary was just a maid and as such was required to perform every task he was told. He became his stepbrothers sex toy. He was forced to perform all sorts of insufferable acts. Even his step-father took advantage of him.When his mother tried to intervene, she was beaten so badly, that she eventually died. No charges were made and Harry's life became a real hell. His stepfather forcing him to assume all of his wife's duties, including in the bed. Finally when he was 16, Harry stole every bit of money he could find and took off for California. On the bus trip out, Heather as he had decided to call himself, struck up a conversation with an older man. His name was George. George was what we know as a chicken hawk. A guy who preys on young boys and girls, preferably boys. George at first, thought he had a young girl but, his keen eye caught some differences and he realized what he had here wasa young boy dressed as a girl running from a painful past. His favorite chicken. A feminine boy.I know this sounds funny, but George was probably the best thing that ever happened to Heather. George bought her everything. He bought her clothes. He paid for her implants. He paid for all her cosmetic surgery. He gave her the love and attention she desperately needed. Of course Heather had to have sex with him but it wasn't all that bad a deal. The loser was Harry. Harry ceased to exist. Heather just put him out of her mind.In time, as Heather grew older George began to lose interest. Most chicken hawks like their charges young. But George had set Heather up quite well. He had gotten her a job with a travel agency and she was well on her way at becoming an expert at it. In time, she was self supporting. It was after this time that I met her.We used to see each other once or twice a year, as Heather was a tour guide for a travel agency and often brought groups into the D.C. area, where I am just one of many secretaries.But about four years ago, Heather underwent conversion surgery and is now a complete woman. She moved away and left no forwarding address. Mutual friends say she has completely severed herself from her past. I miss her.After losing Heather, my attraction for the male appendage disappeared. Oh, I tried looking for a replacement, but there just wasn't anyone around. The only one close that I saw, was in an adult video. She was a blonde transsexual by the name of Shannon. She did adult porno, and was the only one that came picture preteen nude close to Heather. But I understand that she also has gone the surgical route and has become a woman. Such a waste of good female cock.Instead, I went back to women. I'd pick them up, go to a motel where we would have oral sex and then we'd boff each other with "Herman IV", my latest dildo. It was huge. 6" inches around and a foot long. You wore it like a thong panty girdle tight against your crotch. It possessed a large pair of balls that you filled with a liquid and then squeezing them, the liquid shot out of the end of the hollow dildo.But on with my story. I came home one afternoon and took the elevator up to my condo. It was one of two on the floor and the other was currently vacant, or had been up to now.The elevator doors opened and there bent over in front of me was one hell of a sexy female. Her back was to me but I could see she was healthy, and well built. Her firm round cheeks poked out at me. As she stood up, I could see how her upper torso tapered down into a small waist and then flared out over full round hips continuing down a pair of long slender legs.She was wearing one of those multi patterned workout outfits, with a hood over her head.I could see that underneath the tight pants, she wore a body leotard with a thong crotch that went between the cheeks of her firm buttocks. Either that or she wore no panties. I watched with interest as she carried a large box in her arms. She wriggled her petite sexy body into german girl preteen the condo.Somebody up there likes me I thought. They have delivered me a tasty morsel right on my doorstep. I closed my door and began busying myself, when a soft rapping came on the door. I opened it, and there stood my new neighbor. My model bikini preteen jaw almost fell to the floor as my eyes took in the visitor. It had to be the same person, there couldn't be two such outfits. But was I wrong about her gender. If I was right, and the large bulge at the crotch and the flat chest were any indication then my new neighbor was a man."Excuse me," a soft lyrical voice said. I'm Gene Burk. I'm moving in next door and I was wondering if I might preteen model xx use your phone? Mine isn't hooked up yet."I was in a nudist preteen videos trance like state as I listened and he had to repeat it before I answered. I showed him the phone and left, allowing him privacy. I kept hearing words, like "Oh No". "Now what am I going to do?"He returned and I could see he was really shook up. I asked him if I could help and he began to cry. I helped him to the couch and listened to his tale of woe. He was moving into the condo with his sister who was currently with their parents on an Archeological dig in the orient and wouldn't return for at least a month. He was supposed to have arranged for the transfer of their stuff. All of it had come except the truck carrying his things. His moving van had been in an accident with an gasoline truck and his entire world had been destroyed. All of his clothes and other personal things had gone up in a fiery crash.He had enough money to eat but that was all. He couldn't afford to buy more clothes. He would be getting a check from his folks in about a month, but nothing until then. I'm preteen having sex sure the moving companies insurance would replace his things, but that would take awhile. And, to make matters worse, the only male clothes he had were badly torn as he had been moving things. He was being forced to wear his sisters sweats and jogging clothes. He thought he looked funny, even if they felt good against his skin, but what else was he supposed to do? The more he talked, the more he sobbed. I put my arm around him. It was like comforting a young child. I could see that this boy was in no way emotionally able to live alone. He might be old enough but he sure wasn't adult enough. I told him I didn't have any extra money around to loan him, but we would figure out something. He needed someone older preteen girl forbidden to preteen gymnast gallery guide him. Some one to teach him what to do, and who else? But yours truly. Mother Marci.I was right, someone up there did like me. Not only did they send me a sweet young thing, but they sent a male sweet young thing, who under my loving guidance could and would be my sweet she-male young thing.I told Gene that since it was late and his place was in turmoil that he should stay with me. I'd fix dinner and then we'd talk some more. After which, he could sleep in my bed and I'd take the couch. It wasn't a suggestion, it was a statement and he never argued about it. In fact, he seemed relieved that someone was in control, telling him what to do. I knew this child was going to be putty in my hands.After a good meal, we sat down and he told me how his folks had always taken care of him, but he had wanted to prove his independence, so he had been the one to do the moving. He had done all right until things fell apart and then he was lost.If I hadn't helped him, he didn't know what he would have done. Since it was late, I suggested that he shower and get into bed. He was apprehensive, claiming he didn't have any sleepwear. I told him, that since we were close to the same size, I'd find something of mine he could wear. I had some plain pj's but I wasn't going to let him have them. I was already planning his female transformation. He came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his head and another around his body.Lordie, he looked just like a girl. Even with the large lump poking the towel outwards at his crotch. I helped him dry his rather long hair and then brushed it into as feminine a style as I could. I handed him the frilliest pink baby doll nightie I fabulous preteen nn had and told him to put it on and get into bed. He started to protest about wearing such an obvious feminine article.I shushed him saying that it was all I had and I didn't care what he wore. And since he was going to be under the covers, it really didn't matter what he wore.Turning his back and dropping the towel, he stood naked, his feminine shape exciting me. He took the frilly panties and slipped them on. Turning back to me, I saw his large organ forcing the tiny pink panties to their stretching point.His chest was smooth and hairless and he had two small perky breasts. Like a young teenage girl. He lowered the frilly nightie over his head, and down his slender body. He crawled into bed, giving me another view of his firm round feminine looking ass.I pulled the covers up around his tiny titties, my fingers gently caressing them, feeling the large nipples erect. I kissed his cheek and turned out the light. I had given him a sleeping pill and he was asleep before I left the room. I watched TV for awhile and then returned to the bedroom.He was sound asleep. He didn't even move as I undressed and crawled naked into bed with him. I know I had told him I would sleep on the couch, but I was not about to let a chance like this get by. I didn't want to rush things, but I had to know just how much of a man this frail thing was. I began stroking his cock through the sexy looking lacy pink panties and was mex preteens pleasantly surprised to see he wasn't so deep asleep that he couldn't become aroused. His cock began enlarging and grew to almost eight inches. It wasn't very thick but thick enough. As I played with him, he began to whimper in his sleep.He cried out the name of Susie, begging Susie whoever she was to stroke him harder. Then he begged Susie to suck him off. Who was I to deny him pleasure so I became Susie. I sucked and eventually my mouth became engulfed in male sperm. He sighed and wrapped his slender body around mine and drifted back into his deep sleep.I was perplexed. Who in the hell was Susie? And why did she have so much influence on his sexuality.I awoke early the next morning and saw that Gene was still sleeping. I slipped out of bed, got dressed and went into the dvd uncensored preteens kitchen. I was frying bacon when I heard him enter the kitchen. He had found a pair of my slippers and a thin red gown which he wore to cover the sexy nightie. I greeted him with a hug and a kiss, my hands gripping his rounded butt, pulling his groin tightly against mine, felling his firm cock begin to swell.I bade him to sit down and eat. After breakfast and since it was Saturday, I suggested we get his condo in shape. First, he needed something to wear. I rooted around in my clothes, and came up with a pair of plain gray sweats. But I wasn't going to let him get back to his male status completely, so I put a pair of frilly white nylon panties with them. The shirt wore the slogan GAY POWER on it, preteen chinese nude which made him raise his eyebrows. So I confronted him right away, admitting my gayness and if it bothered him, he could leave right now. He quickly backed off afraid of being alone. Red Leather Corset Part 2His condo wasn't in too bad a shape. The movers had placed the furniture in more or less acceptable positions, but the place was filled with boxes.One bedroom was empty the other was definitely female in style. It had to be his sisters stuff. I told him, we had better hang up her clothes and allow the wrinkles to fall out.As I emptied the boxes, I was taken by his sisters choice in clothing. She was into the erotic and exotic. She had mini dresses, see-thru blouses. Leather clothing decorated with preteen girl wallpaper chains and metal studs. Her lingerie preteen models peeing was nothing short of total hooker.She had the sexiest frilly lace things I have ever seen. There were even four or five wigs of various styles,colors and lengths. There wasn't one piece of plain cotton underwear in the preteen preteen boxes.I menltioned that these were awfully erotic clothes for an archaeologist to wear.He told me that his sister wasn't an archaeologist. His parents were. They had taken her with them to keep her out of trouble. She had been labeled as the town slut. She would sleep with anybody, preteen asian loita male or female. Gene said they told him she suffered from nymphomania and they hoped being in a remote sight, away from everybody would help cure her.But, and this was a big but, at least as far as I was concerned, Gene said that he doubted that his sister would ever be cured.As we put away the clothing in the boxes, Gene would frantically search for anything that was his. But nothing. Not a single article of male clothing. Now he started moaning again."Hey," I said softly. "It's no big deal. You can wear your sisters clothes, or some of mine if you want."I held a baby blue flounce dress up against him. "She sure has got some sexy things," I said.But ! " he cried. I can't wear her clothes. It wouldn't be right. I'm a guy."I reminded him that I didn't care what he wore and there was no one else in the condo, who would see him."But," he blubbered. "I have to report for my new job in four days."Now that did create a new wrinkle. I illeagal preteen asked him what his new job was and he told me he and his sister were going to work as graphics illustrators."No problem," I told him. preteen sex images 'They are expecting a Gene and Susie Burk at personnel. But they won't be anymore surprised if Susie Burk arrived. You could wear your sisters clothes, go as her and keep your appointment."'Then when you report to your job you could tell them of your problem and ask for a loan. Then you will have enough money bailey preteen model to buy men's clothing if that's what you want."I could tell, he was unsure, so I laid the convincer on him. I told him to let me transform him as a girl by dressing him up in her clothes, and if he preteen ptsc had any doubts about passing as a woman than I would find some way to get him money for men's clothes."Well. Okay" he said. If you think I might get away ,rifn it. But if I'm not 100 percent convinced then you've got to get me the clothes." I agreed and within minutes, I had him in the shower; his body coated with Nair. I had to work fast, before he changed his mind. I was sure he would make a fantastic female. he already had most of the body for it. All he nonnude preteen gymnast really needed was a nice set of firm looking young breast. If I had my way, he would be sporting his own set within months.While Gene was in the shower, I searched through his sister's clothes looking for things that were fairly conservative. It wasn't easy, she wore exceptionally erotic clothes. Especially her lingerie. I didn't want to scare off Gene with things that were to frilly and exotic for him to put on. Some of her stuff would embarrass a porno star. Just imagining him wearing some of these things was making me gooey between my thighs. I finally decided on a set of modestly lacy white preteen small cock lingerie. Consisting of panties, bra and garter belt. I found a plain black shell type dress with a waist binding gold belt.I decided to cover the mirrors in the room. I didn't want Gene seeing himself until he was finished. When he returned from the shower, I had him sit down. I explained that I would dress him.Then after he saw how good he looked I would teach him the correct way to dress. First thing I had to do was get his organ out of view.I slipped the panties up and over his thighs pulling them snug against his crotch. But it still showed a large lump. So I went into the bathroom and got one of his sister's sanitary napkins. I told him to place his organ back between his thighs and lay the napkin over it. Once he'd pulled his panties on tight, he was flat fronted. Now that all temptation was out of sight I finished dressing him.I rolled the black stockings up his legs, and attached them to his garterbelt. I heard him sigh as the soft silk caressed his smooth hairless thighs. Then I had him slip a pair of black patent leather naked preteen modles four inch spiked heels over his feet. I led him around preteen faces tgp until he could walk fairly stable in them.One thing I did notice, was that wearing heels caused his walk to take on a definite feminine sway to it. I wrapped the bra around the buds on his chest and fastened it in back. His sister, must be very endowed because it took quite a bit of stuffing to fill the cups right. I slipped the black dress over his head and smoothed it down around his slim waist and full hips, allowing it to fall just a couple of inches above his knees. I then sat him down while I did his makeup, transforming his face from a handsome man into that of a beautiful woman.Selecting a long brown wig I fastened it firmly to his head and combed it until it fell gently around his soft smooth beautiful face. I stood him in front of the full length mirror and watched his face as he saw himself as a woman. He stared as if in disbelief. He kept turning and looking over his shoulder at his reflection.He was mumbling,"I don't believe it. It's impossible."When I asked what he was talking about, he hurried into the living room. He searched the shelves until he found a photo album. He flipped though quickly horny preteen sites until he found what he was searching for. He pulled the picture out and hurried back to the bedroom. He then stood in front of the mirror and looked at his image and then at the photo. Then back at the mirror, all the time mumbling. "Unbelievable".I took the photo and looked at it. It was a picture of him wearing the dress, but that was impossible. When he saw my confusion, he said.'This is a picture of Susie, prteen preteen my sister." he said still in disbelief. "I look just like her."He looked once again at the picture and then into the mirror.I looked at the picture. He was right. Other than he was dark haired and she was blonde, they were identical. And now I knew who the mysterious Susie from last night was, his sister. Boy, he was right about her, she did dabble into everything. Including incest. Apparently, they had been lovers as well as brother and sister."See, I said, you can replace her at work," I said jokingly. " You're like two peas in a pod.""I sure do, he said happily. It was if a heavy load was removed. I could see the wheels turning in his head." Since, I look this much like her, I can call them and say that we've switched, and Gene will be reporting late. I can work as Susie until she comes home. Then I'll go back to being a male and report as Gene."That's a great idea," I said." But won't she object to your wearing her clothes? ""No," he said. She has often told me, that uncensored preteen model I would make a pretty girl, and had tried to get me into sexy cuties preteen her clothes. She would probably want me to stay dressed like this, and become her Lesbian lover." He had no qualms about admitting he and his sister were lovers. Of course, this meant that he would be living as a female for at least a month or longer. Which would give me more time to permanently convert him teenie models preteens into feminism.I hugged him to me and his body responded. I felt him relax as I kissed him, our tongues dipping into each others mouths as our hands caressed each others bodies.It wasn't to long after that, that we were stripped down to our lingerie rolling around on the bed. I talked him into wearing something of Susie's that was really erotic and he was now decked out in a jet black silk teddie. His face was heavily made up and a long curly red wig topped his head. I quickly had the snaps petite naked preteens of his crotch undone, and was frantically riding his preteen banner model stiff cock to an orgasm.The next two days were spent teaching him everything there was about being female. I taught him how to walk, sit, and stand like a sexy preteen younger 14 female would, I even took videos of his transformation from male to female I don't know why but even his voice was very feminine in it's pitch. He quickly learned to apply his own makeup and also to dress. I purchased him a pair of imitation breasts that were attached to his chest. He now walked with the gentle bobbing of a full breasted woman. It was as if his body was completely female.At night, I introduced him to the exciting world of Lesbianism. He became a terrific pussy eater as we practiced oral sex on each other. I had begun to call him Susie so he would become used to the name.Then he dropped his bombshell. He had decided to report to work as Jean. A female, he told me he no longer wanted to live as a man, but as sexy female. Susie's sister. He loved his new body and the sexy clothes. He wanted to be a female always.As far as the office knew someone named Gene, or Jean was to report. If they had Gene on the form, his appearance would convince them, they had made a mistake.The day of his meeting with his boss went perfect. No one suspected that he was anything else but a sexy female. He had worn one of my black knit dresses, as his sister had nothing conservative to wear. I had to strap him into a tight waist cincher in order for him to wear the dress. He may have looked modestly dressed on the outside, but underneath, his lingerie was the frilliest available.Over the next month, I increased his and my determination for him to be female by suggesting breast implants, to which he agreed wholeheartedly. Soon his tiny breasts were enlarged by implants; saline solution filled silicon rubber bags, which could be gradually filled up just by using a syringe. We strated with a moderate B-cup size. The tits had very big nipples that were exceptionally sensitive when we made love. They would become swollen and erect when I fondled them.I had to be very gentle when I first introduced him to Herman V, my large dildo. Since, I have a small hand, I started him out by gently inserting my finger into his ass. Then gradually adding another, until he was able to accept my entire hand. Then, I brought out Herman. He looked at the huge cock and cringed."I can't take that." he whimpered in fear. 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I kept pumping his ass and then squeezed the bondage for preteens balls of the dildo shooting hot spurts of vanilla pudding into his ass.I pulled the dildo out of his ass and replaced it with my mouth. I licked and sucked the pudding out of his ass. The pudding was very strange tasting, mixed with his shit, but I swallowed all I could. After that, Herman was part of every love session we had. Later on, his sister wrote, postponing her arrival for another month and I was going to take advantage of it.Gene's hair had already grown shoulder length and has been dyed a baby blonde. He has been taking hormones and his figure is now sensuous. I never referred to him in the male gender. I want him to be mentally female.It will be interesting when Susie does return. What will happen? Maybe, Gene and I can preteens bbs sex introduce her to "Herman V?"Gene's been living and working as a woman for almost 4 months. He has completely adapted to his feminine world. There is no way, preteen 15 yo anyone would know his true gender, unless they caught him with his pants, or rather his panties down. He has his own wardrobe now. His taste in clothes is a combination of my taste and his sisters. Some of it conservative but mostly erotic.About a month later, the doorbell rang. I opened it to find Gene standing there. I asked him what happened, did he lose his key? He gave me such a look of confusion, that I took a closer look. I then realized that little preteens ass it wasn't Gene. So it must be his sister Susie. The resemblance was uncanny. They were identical.I invited her in and she explained that she was looking for her brother, who was supposed to be living next door but was no longer there. Some other person was there. She was unaware that Gene was now living with me. She asked to use my phone, to call him.After her call, she looked even more confused. She explained that her brothers voice was different. It was almost feminine sounding. And he had told her he was living here and that I would explain preteen backdoors everything.I figured that now was a good time to explain what was going on. Sitting her down, I explained everything. How he was living preteens boys bbs as a female. How his body had transformed itself. I showed her pictures of him posing in his sexy lingerie. Her tongue licked her red glossy full lips as she looked at the videos of her brothers transformation from male to female.As we watched the videos of our sexual bouts with Herman and she saw what her brother looked like now, I could her breathing become rapid. The longer we watched, the more aroused she became. Her legs kept crossing and uncrossing, her fingers slipped under her dress.It didn't take long, before we were wrapped in each others arms, our tongues intertwined. Soon, I had her dress up and her panties off, my mouth sucking her moist slit. By the time Gene got home, I had strapped on Herman and had him buried deep in Susie's pussy. I love this new Herman. It's so realistic. Made of a material that looks and feels like flesh.It's designed like a real cock, complete with balls and pubic hair. It's european nude preteens worn like a panty girdle, very tight against the body so that there is no play when using it. It becomes part of your body.There is a small area inside the panty that rubs against my clit, giving me erotic sensations. The cock is very flaccid at first. This made it very easy to conceal under a tight skirt when I would go hunting for sex. Many a girl I fucked with it thought I was really a man in drag.The cock is made to enlarge from heat. Such as a hot mouth or if it is stroked by jerking off. It enlarges to a full 9 inches in length and at least 10 inches around when erect. It has been designed to ejaculate a solution when the cock reaches a certain temperature. So, you have to do some hot fucking to get it to spurt it's load.It can spurt almost three feet at maximum heat. The balls can be filled with any preteens undressed liquid you desire. I prefer filling it with some type of whipped cream sexy preteen cunt so it will taste good when I suck it out of a pussy or asshole.As I was saying, when Gene walked in, I was buried deep in his sister's cunt. It slipped into her hot moist cunt like a hot knife into butter. She never even flinched at it's large size. My hips were driving the dildo faster and faster until I felt it spurt the cream, deep inside her. I was busy sucking her pussy when she noticed Gene watching.She squealed when she realized who the beautiful female was. She quickly jumped up and began hugging her feminine brother."I always told you, you'd should be female," she smiled hugging him tightly to her, their breasts mashing against each other. "You schocking preteen porn make one sexy facials preteen woman."Feeling left out, I joined in the mutual hugging, Herman reducing to his flaccid state.What a strange sight, we must have made. Three apparent females. Two naked, one wearing a dildo, and the third fully dressed female in a black world preteens business suit lust preteen hugging and kissing.Soon we were sitting on the bed, Susie and Gene reminiscing about preteens fucked teens the past. I stood up and removed Herman stating I was preteens picture gratis going to shower.They didn't appear to notice I had left because they were so busy talking about Gene's new look.I returned from the shower and returned to the bedroom. They were still jabbering when I walked in.Susie upon seeing me rose and started heading for the bathroom."Wait a minute, Sis" said Gene standing up and grabbing her arm. "You can't leave me like this."With that, he unzipped his skirt and let it drop to the floor exposing the huge tent in his lacy black panties."I watched you and Marci fucking like rabbits preteen photos bikini and got excited. You're going to have to do something about this," he said grabbing his erect silk covered cock.Susie looked at him and then at me with a worried expression on her face."Oh don't worry about her," he said. "She knows all about our little trysts."Oh, she leered. "In that case."She dropped to her knees and quickly slipped the black panties down and sucked his cock deep into her mouth. As he slutty young preteens did a slow fucking motion into his sisters mouth, he removed the rest of his clothes.She stopped sucking as her brother removed the black brassiere revealing his large full tits."My my brother dear," she smiled her fingers caressing his ruby nipples. "You have changed."She returned her attention to his cock, her lipstick turning his cock a reddish color. Lifting her to her feet, Gene preteens girls pic pushed his sister onto the bed, russian preteen torture spreading her thighs wide apart exposing the pink gash nestled under her blonde thatch. Straddling her in the classic 69 position, he lowered his face downwards, his tongue diving deep preteen girl panties into her cunt.I watched in heated awe, my fingers deep in my pussy, at the brother and sister as they suckled each other. Soon they reversed themselves, Susie's legs wrapped around her brothers waist as he inserted his cock into her gleaming pussy.I watched them for awhile, my hand digging deep inside me. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore. I once again preteen beauty photos donned Herman, bringing him to full erection. Greasing the dildo, I stepped behind Gene's bouncing rear end."Oh well, I thought as I slowly inserted it into his asshole. "I can always take another shower."An hour and another shower later I was sitting on Gene's bed watching he and his sister try on each other's clothes. They were like two school girls giggling and ooohing as they tried each others frilly lacy lingerie on. It was incredible how much alike they were. It would be difficult to tell them apart if it wasn't for Gene's long dangling cock between his thigh.Although, Susie has a small mole at the end of her right bbs preteen underage eyebrow. This was preteen bikini images the only way I could tell them gallery little preteen apart when they were dressed.Susie moved into Gene's room with him. Her nymphomania making constant hot preteen modles demands on her effeminate brother, she provoked him into more and more revealing clothing, and into piercing.I remember the day after the both had their nipples pierced and ringed - I saw them both fucking wildly on my kitchen floor, Susie on top of Gene. Their nipple rings touched and clinked and Susie asked me to padlock the preteen sex biz beautiful two pairs of nipples to each other. I was happy to do that, they fucked away carefully not to tear each others tits, and I actually did not release them until very late that night.It seemed as if they were fucking every chance they could. It was this mania of theirs that led to their downfall. They came home from work one day in tears. It seems as if hungarian preteens the boss had caught Gene buttfucking his sister in a storeroom. They had their skirts off and were really going at it when he walked in.Being a very prudish man, he fired them on the spot. Then everything else went wrong. The next day, their parents paid a surprise visit and when they discovered that Eugene Jr. was now living as a female, they went bonkers. Especially, since he had opened the door expecting me, for a sex bout.He was wearing his sister's scandalous corset in flame red leather with silver decorations, the quarter cups preteens little underground pushing his large nippled titties upwards and out from his body, its red garters holding up a pair of red mesh stockings. His legs were encased in the matching 5 inch heel knee high boots, also in flame red leather and silver. 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After fucking his brains out, she would get dressed and go into the bathroom where Gene would take her place. Usually the john was in a stupor and didn't realize a swap had been made. Gene would walk over to the bed and tell the guy to open his mouth and close his eyes as he had a surprise for him.When he did it Gene would lift his dress, take out his cock and slip it into the guy's open mouth. He would hold the guy's head until Susie took his picture, and then the two girls would hurriedly leave the room usually with the john's clothes and wallet.Later they would call and threaten him with exposure if he didn't pay up.They finally went to metart preteen nudes the young preteen mpeg well once to often and picked up an undercover cop who was about to arrest them when Susie pic preteen underground hit him over the head and they escaped. 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